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How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering how to stick with your fitness goals throughout all of the parties and gatherings.  Unfortunately, most party food is packed with fat and calories…and look absolutely delicious. We have have some great tips on how you can enjoy the holiday foods without packing on too many pounds.

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

  • Don’t skip meals the day of.  If you know you will be eating unhealthy, you might think it is a good idea to skip meals before hand to save calories.  However, this will do much more harm than good.  By the time you arrive at your party, you will be so hungry that you will eat much more of the unhealthy food than you would have otherwise.
  • Bring a fruit or veggie tray.  If you are attending a party where it would be appropriate for you to bring a dish to share, try this.  Fill up your plate with your healthy snack first to avoid overeating everything else.
  • Step up your workout.  Burning a few extra calories the day before and the day after will help negate the extra calories you ate and will help you feel less guilty.
  • Skip the liquid calories.  Most cocktails are loaded with calories and sugar.  Save yourself and stick to just water or tea.
  • Wait fifteen minutes before going for seconds.  After gobbling up your first serving of food, you may be tempted to go for seconds.  Wait a while before you do to make sure you still actually hungry.
  • And most importantly, don’t stress about it.  It is the holidays after all, and you should enjoy yourself.  One day or night of bad eating will not ruin all of the progress that you have made.

Happy Holidays from 360 Chiropractic!

How to Shovel Snow Without Causing Injuries

In Minnesota, it’s inevitable – you will eventually have to shovel some snow. Whether it’s your whole driveway or just a small path, it is important you take special precautions to shovel with proper form to prevent back injuries. All of us at 360 Chiropractic want to keep you healthy and injury-free, so you can enjoy your winter! Here are some tips and techniques to keep in mind before you head out after a snowfall.

Shoveling Snow

Choose your weapon:

Before you start, it’s important you have the right tool for the job. A proper snow shovel can rid you of extra, unnecessary effort. A good shovel will have an ergonomic design — a slightly curved handle or an adjustable handle length. This will minimize bending of the back, which can cause painful back injuries. A shovel with a proper handle will only require you to bend your knees slightly while keeping the shovel on the ground. When it comes to size, remember that heavier shovels don’t always mean better. You’ll want a shovel with a lightweight, plastic blade to reduce the weight you are moving.

Warm up those muscles:

Like with any other exercise, you’ll want to warm up thoroughly before you start shoveling. Muscles are more prone to injury if they are tight and cold. Marching in place or going for a brisk walk can get your muscles loose and warmed up enough to help prevent injury. It is also important to stretch your lower back and get your arms and shoulders limber.

Shovel smart:

Once you start shoveling, make sure you are using a proper technique. Start with small amounts of snow and try to push the snow as much as possible, instead of lifting. Be mindful of where you want the snow to go before you start, as to not add more work at the end. You don’t want to spend an hour clearing your driveway to realize you covered a sidewalk or a path for your car. As you are shoveling, make sure you squat at the knees, instead of bending down with your back. Keep your back straight and lift the weight of the snow with your legs. If you need to turn to put the snow where you want it, turn with your whole body and not just with your waist, and NEVER throw weight over your shoulder, that is the best way to injure your back!

Slow and steady wins the race:

If you know you are getting significant snowfall in your area, allow yourself enough time to get the job done. Rushing it will many times result in poor form, which leads to injuries. Take breaks as often as possible as to not exert yourself. If at all possible, use or borrow a snowblower.

Although it seems like we’re in the middle of winter, it has only begun. As we all know, we will have more than a few more snowfalls ahead of us before spring comes. 360 Chiropractic wants you to stay safe and injury free this winter after each and every snowfall.